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  1. 2caps x4 per day, is the sweet spot for me

  2. Quote Originally Posted by baldymcgee View Post
    2caps x4 per day, is the sweet spot for me
    8 caps total?!
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    Agreed. Test Powder is killer. Don't get me wrong, D-Pol is good, but TP trumps it due to the extra goodies included.
    I think for overall test boosting Dpol reigns supreme. You get the clinical dosage of daa, plus nitrates PLUS other test boosting vitamins (D) and you get more servings for a generally cheaper price

  4. I saw you guys talking about test powder and was curious if you are running it for 8 weeks or just 4? The directions only say 4 weeks but I always ran any DAA product for 8 weeks
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    8 caps total?!
    yes. i have done 6 before and 8 is a whole other level

  6. Someone said they were taking 9 caps per day before.

    To feel like I could chime in on the feedback I tried it. I don't notice any superior effects past six capsules.
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