First PH Help!

  1. First PH Help!

    Hey guys I am new to PH's and I have just received my bottle of Methastadrol(Superdrol Clone). I bought this because my buddy has ran Superdrol about 4 times and did it for his first PH also. He said as long as I eat and drink alot of water and have your cycle and PCT in check then I will have no problems. The more I read on these forums I am starting to change my thinking on using this as my first PH. Should I stick with something like RPN's Havoc before doing Methastadrol?

    I am 27 years old. 5' 8" 174lbs. I have taken numerous OTC Test boosters, weight gainers, etc. I have been working out steady for alomost a year now but have been on and off for about 4-5 years. I know my training routine and what is working to gain muscle. I just cannot break through the 170lb platuea. I weigh 177lbs before bed and wake up weighing 170lbs!!!!! I know I sweat at night but 7 lbs in 8 hours of sleep!!

    Im just asking a question on this because I dont want to get to deep in the wrong PH. My mind is set on a PH to take it the next level. Any helpon this would be greatly appreciated.

    From what I have read so far and what my buddy has told me I have my cycle planned out below.

    Pre-Cycle 2 weeks

    Cel Cycle Assist
    Milk Thistle
    Hawthorne Berry
    Celery Seed Extract
    Liver Detoxifier

    PH - On Cycle

    Methastadrol 10/20/20/30
    Cel Cycle Assit
    Milk Thistle
    Hawthorne Berry
    Celery Seed Extract


    Nolvadex - 40/30/20/10
    Cel Cycle Assist
    Liver Detoxifier
    Milk Thistle
    Hawthorne Berry
    Celery Seed Extract
    A test booster - I am thinking either Test Freak or Prime because I used both before and had results.

    I am currently awaiting lab results from the doctors. I went last week to get a physical and bloodwork done to check my Liver Enzyme, Cholestorol, Blood pressue, etc. Levels. I want to make sure my body is good to go before starting.

    Again any Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also if My Pre, On, and Post cycle needs any word please let me know what I need to adjust.

  2. Hey bud wrong section :-) head over to anabolics they'll be able to help

  3. he spammed like 5 sections with reposts

  4. youre not ready if a sd clone is considered a supplement

  5. Sorry guys.....Jeez!! I posted this before finding the right section.

  6. welcome to AM! switch it to the anabolics section


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