DHEA forms

  1. DHEA forms

    Does anyone have any links or info on the different isomers of DHEA like 1-DHEA and 4-DHEA. I've been searching them relentlessly and really can't find much. I'm guessing if not too many people are talking about it, it can't be too special. But I'd like to know more!

  2. You're not looking hard enough. Google the forms you specifically asked about here and you'll find a TON of info
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  3. ^^ what he said. A lot of PH's on NP are 1 or 4-DHEA

  4. Thanks guys. What's your opinion on their efficacy?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mag1234 View Post
    Thanks guys. What's your opinion on their efficacy?
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  6. Useful, generally very little sides. No harm really in trying it so long as you have a decent PCT


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