The Lean & Trim Stack

  1. The Lean & Trim Stack

    Was going to run this stack The Lean & Trim Stack with erase and bps endosurge turbo maybe take some daa with it to and was wondering has anyone stacked these supplements before and how did they take them

  2. Haven't stacked them before, but I have ran Erase and DAA many times with great results. Adding in Endosurge would be a nice addition also.

    Have you ran any of the supplements before?
    Erase: 1 cap in the morning and 1 cap in the evening
    DAA: 3 grams either all in the morning or split up into 1.5 gram doses throughout the day
    Endosurge Turbo: 2 caps three times per day

  3. This is a great stack. The addition of DAA would be great!

    If you really want to justify the name of that stack, I'd also add Alphamine. Get you lean & trim in no time.

  4. Great stack, I'm very interested in seeing this logged.

  5. dame that sounds hardcore in stims

  6. The Lean & Trim Stack is Lean Xtreme & OxyElite Pro has anyone used them before together and what was the dosage


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