Gotten alot more vascular arms recently, but no lower bodyfat ...

  1. Gotten alot more vascular arms recently, but no lower bodyfat ...

    Ok, i m just wondering, my arms have over the last 2weeks suddenly gotten alot more vascular . Alot . They just look drier, but even last year when i had 6-7% (now at around 10%) my arms never looked this crazy. And its just getting more and more
    loaded creatine mono for the first time 2weeks ago. Using 5-10 g only now.
    i do use 6 bromo, just 90mg (30x3 times daily) but i ve done that on and off last year too. Also erase and similar weak ai s
    i used d to either do high reps high volume(20-40sets) or low reps medium volume (10-12)
    This is the first time i combine. Heavy stuff for strenght, fluff for pump and feel
    I train a few very heavy exercises for chest, back and legs (squats, bench, rows) rest for shoulders and arms are 10-20 reps, focus onlifting instead of weigth.

    So is it the training, or the supplements? I never though strict 10-20 rep work would bring out crazy vascularity. But i have a superveiny huge gymbuddy, that just trains superstrict and light, he says it does it, but he's so much gear i wonder if he'll one day his heart will just explode In the gym. Eats junk, smokes like a chimeny, and uses everything to stay huuuge he gets his hands on,so ive always shrugged his veins off as just from all the test

    Never used mono this high dosed before, either just 3-5 g or greenmag. Can it be the mono with bromo and the reps.either that, or i m losing morefat on my arms instead of ab fat

    Anyone else Got similar experiences?

  2. Its going to be a different number of factors like diet and exercise.

    Are you saying you use 6-bromo + erase + another AI? Also you only need 3-5 grams of creatine. No need to go any higher.
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  3. blood pressure?

  4. Hm, bp is lower now , so cannot be that. Perhaps the use og pre workouts with agmatine on a more regular basis

    oh, no erase now, just 6 bromo and creatine.erase i used last year

    i down to 5g now.

  5. it happens and I can assure you you did something right but effects do not last like that in a month everything new you try looses its miracle effect and you have to go back to the drawing board.
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    Go over your diet the difference will more than likely be found there

    - Valdez

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Valdez View Post
    Go over your diet the difference will more than likely be found there

    - Valdez
    i tend to agree with this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    i tend to agree with this.
    That's cuz you know your ****

    - Valdez


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