Sooo...Uhhh..How Many Pills Do You Guys Take a Day??

  1. Sooo...Uhhh..How Many Pills Do You Guys Take a Day??

    Man I just been noticing how many pills I take a day and its handfuls. So to give me some perspective how many different things are you taking currently? I've just gotten out of a divorce in the last year, and my ex-wife was used to it, but I can imagine the look on somebody news face when they see the stash..

    2 Erase a Day
    6 Endosurge
    4 Anabeta Elite
    6 FlaxSeed Oil Pills
    1 Multi
    6 Green Tea Pills
    4 Caffeine Pills
    2 Garlic
    2 Verapamils (HBP)
    1.5g ALCAR 3x
    2.5g creatine
    3 g DAA
    2 grams of choline citrate
    4 Raspberry Ketone pills
    3 ALA pills

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head, I wonder if there's more hmm..I don't consider myself much of a bodybuilder, or a powerlifter anymore more of just a "weightlifter"

  2. 9.
    4 multi
    2 fish oil
    2 vitamin c
    1 Versa-1

  3. 2 Caffeine tabs and Vit D is all I take. Then 5g Creatine and some BCAAs.

  4. This has made me admit/realize I've got a daily pill problem.


    2 1000mg Vit C
    1 90mcg Vit K2
    2 1000iu Vit D3
    1 400mg CoQ10
    2 250mg Shilajit
    1 225mcg Iodine
    4 1000mg Fish oil
    1 Vit B complex
    2 20mg Forskolin
    2 500mg Cucumin
    4 1000mg MSM
    2 375mg Guggulsterones
    2 450mg Holy Basil
    2 500mg Blueberry Concentrate
    2 10mg Bioperine
    2 400mg Magnesium
    2 25mg Recoup PCT
    5gms Creatine
    3gms DAA

    Time for rehab.

  5. Too many lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiigzz View Post
    2 Caffeine tabs and Vit D is all I take. Then 5g Creatine and some BCAAs.
    Yup me too...

    Multi - 3

    Everything else is powder

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  7. Haha yea, between the nootropics, body supps, and general health stuff it can get excessive. Especially when you avoid blends and take individual things a lot. Always get a reaction when somebody stumbles into my supplement cupboard.


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