X-Factor and Activate Xtreme Stack - Questions

  1. X-Factor and Activate Xtreme Stack - Questions

    So I am just starting my second run of X-Factor (Original) and I plan on running it with Activate Xtreme. I just want to make sure that I have this dialed in before I get started. The last time I ran XFA was a few years ago and I believe the dosing has changed. I have two bottles of each and the plan was to run 4 XFO pre-workout and on off days, 2 XFO in the AM and 2 XFO in the PM for the first 10 days. After that, I will only take the XFO 4 caps pre-workout. I plan on running the AX split into 2 doses, one upon waking and one pre-bed. My question with that is I normally eat a cup of cottage cheese before bed. Any issues with that as I know you are supposed to take AX on an empty stomach? Should I continue to take the AX every day or only on workout days? Also, would there be any issues taking XFO and AX in conjunction with anything listed below? Thanks in advance....

    Orange Triad (multi)
    Agmatine (daily)
    Kre-Alkalyn (daily)
    Muscle Marinade (pre)
    L-Carnitine (pre)
    Glycergrow (pre)
    Xtend (intra)
    ZMA (pre-bed)

  2. Take AX everyday and for your pm dose, just take it 30-45 minutes before you eat your cottage cheese and you'll be fine. No issues with what you have planned to stack with XF and AX.
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