Quick question regarding cutting stack

  1. Quick question regarding cutting stack

    Hey what's good people? Quick question. I'm currently cutting at the moment, 20% caloric reduction utilizing a 50%C/30%P/20%F ratio. I plan on adding Alpha T-2 to my current stack of cutting supplements (Ephedrine - Caffeine - Abliderate Advanced - Eviscerate Smolder - Recompadrol) Long story short, are there any issues with consuming Alpha T-2 with Recompadrol before a few of my meals? From my understanding, it's best to avoid carbs when consuming Alpha T-2 ... My dosing schedule would be like this -

    5:00am Wake up -2 Recompadrol + 1 Alpha T-2 (eat breakfast 45 min later - carbs + protein)

    7:00am - 25mg E/200mg Caffeine

    10:00am meal consisting of carbs + protein

    11:00am 1 Alpha T-2 + 25mg E/200 Caffeine

    12:00pm meal protein + fat

    3:00pm 2 Recompadrol + high carb moderate protein meal

    4:00pm 25mg E/ 200mg Caffeine

    6:00pm GYM (moderate carb + BCAA's during workout)

    8:00pm 2 Recompadrol + high carb / protein meal

    9:30pm meal protein + fats

    Does that make sense? Sorry, at work and pressed for time. So it should be cool I would imagine correct? I also plan on running some clenviscerate/abliderate in the future. Will touch on that later lol. Thanks in advance!

  2. Add low-dose alpha-t2 to all of your EC doses, rather than peri-meal. This is assuming you've been on EC for >2 weeks and no longer experience peripheral side effects

  3. Thanks bro!

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