Help with Cutting Stack

  1. Help with Cutting Stack

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for some help coming up with a good cutting stack.

    A little background; im 6'2'' 205lbs, about 17-20% bf, looking to get around 13%. I lift total body 3 days a week, with only a little success on increasing muscle mass. Diet is in check, plenty of protein, veggies (eating a rainbow) good fats, comp carbs. I also have a juicer and do that on a regular basis.I never eat fast food, sugar to min, no soda, not even diet. But still i cant drop the fat.

    Ive been taking a multi (centrum s) nordic nat fish oil, and glutamine when my immune sys is feeling depressed.
    Any suggestions?

    I just got a bunch of supps off of my friend who was just getting into this kind of stuff but is now fighting cancer so he is on a different route now.

    I just started taking Versa-1 about a week ago. Not noticing anything yet but its early yet. I also have Detonate, compound 20, t-up, r-ALA, citicoline, maca root extract, rhodiola, carnitine, a-gpc, PS, and a few more.

    any of these good to stack? what else should I get?

    A few other concerns; I also take prevacid for reflux can this be affecting my fat loss? also dealing with some sinus issues, I take pseudoephedrine and flonase every once in a while, any issues here?

    any help is much appreciated, thanks everyone.

  2. The c20 with versa 1 has been praised on here. both will be part of my spring cut in april with aplhamine and erase/erase pro.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kenny76 View Post
    The c20 with versa 1 has been praised on here. both will be part of my spring cut in april with aplhamine and erase/erase pro.

    thanks for the reply. whats the benefit of the alphamine? ive seen that there is a lot of praise on the erase pro.

  4. Alphamine is a thermogenic. Burn more calories at rest, stim feeling from caffeine, helps muscle hardening, appetite suppression. Its a great all around supp.

  5. C20 and Versa-1 are great products for a cutting stack. I am currently using both with OEP NF and love the energy, focus, and mind/muscle connection.

  6. I'd first look into your diet. Even though you are eating "clean" or healthy foods it does not mean you will lose fat unless you are in a caloric deficit.

    You do have a decent stash of things to use (and I am not suggesting using all that at once), but not sure if any stand out as "fat burners". I'd use the R-ALA, one of your Cholines (Alpha-GPC or Citicoline, also Versa-1 contains some Citicoline as well), and your carnitine to start. They are all things I enjoy personally. After initiating some actual weight loss once the diet has been situated correctly I would then look into a fat burner if you still want to, such as Decimate or Alphamine (non-stimulant and stimulant respectively).
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  7. im gonna offer advice on more than supplements.

    HIIT is great for cutting. i follow the cardio exactly how it says, but i dont do the full body workouts on training days. ive never responded well to those.

    for a cut, compound 20, Mass HGH, Versa 1, Alphamine, Erase Pro, DAA are all solid products for cutting.

    diet is your key, as with any goal, but for cutting, its VERY important. you wont get anywhere if your diet is a mess. 13% is a very achievable goal without the use of supplements.

    something that i like to do when i cut is eat a bowl of fruit before every meal to fill me up with low calorie foods before i eat.
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  8. Agree with baller and bolt and others diet is KEY. Your goals are very attainable, you could do that in 8-12 weeks if diet is spot on. I'm a huge fan of carb cycling nothing beats it for me. Good luck bro remember diet will give you more results than a supp. If I had to recommend a stack based off my experience I'd say use nothing but staples until you get below 15% or even down to 12-13% then run mass hgh,c20 or Anabeta elite, and a good GDA like slinshot or anabolic pump.

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