Just though I would share my no explode 2.0 experience I had today. First off, I didn't buy the container, I received a 1 serving FRUIT PUNCH sample from nutraplanet. I have used no explode in the past, probably 3-4 years ago with the blue raspberry and fruit punch. I haven't really used a preworkout in a long time. I ran a cycle of OEP and have since just been popping a 200mg caffeine pill with hemavol before working out. Today I did legs and bis (didn't have time to stack them with my back workout 2 days ago, so I just added them in today for the hell of it.)

Pump: the pump was actually really good. My legs and bis felt great and veins were definitely popping. It wasn't some omfg this is amazing, but it was good. 8/10

Taste: this stuff tastes like complete crap. It's like drinking salty smarties. I never really like their flavorings. I ONLY HAD 1/2 THE SERVING and it was still tart, sour, and ultra sweet. It did have a slight resemblance of fruit punch, but if you took a gulp then doused your mouth with extra fruit punch powder. 3/10

Stim: since it was half the serving, I wasn't too stimmed up but definitely was buzzed. I was pretty surprised after using 200mg caffeine each day and after a oep cycle not too long ago. If I had consumed the entire serving, I am sure I would be pretty wired. 8/10

mixability: mixed great, no clumps, no sediment at the bottom. I used the controlled labs shaker I got with their pronom 23.

overall: I wouldn't buy it, mainly cause of the taste just being so bad (too sweet/sour and slightly salty). Does it work well? yes it does. I would recommend trying the samples before buying an entire container. If you don't mind the taste, it would be a great preworkout.