Anyone using pump spray?

  1. Anyone using pump spray?

    When it came out it sounded great from the initial reviews. Seems to dropped off the map though and havent seen many threads on it. So.... anybody running it currently? Results?

  2. I used it for recomp an was very pleased. I have two UR bottles come in the mail to try in the coming weeks as well.

    As far as a pump like an NO pump, it is not that. If at a lower bf% it can help with vascularity though. Truthornothing has a photo of that.

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  3. I liked it a lot. Ran 2x day for 2 months. A little pricey but very awesome

  4. Sounds perfect for summer. Im going to run it after i cut for summer thinking its cosmetic effects will be dramtic with low body fat plus help keep the fat off all summer.

  5. I just asked this question in another thread. Glad to hear you liked it.
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  6. def agree.. it has not had a lot of talk as of late.

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