Quick question about DAA

  1. Quick question about DAA

    So I've got 100g of bulk DAA coming in as part of a BOGO offer I got. And I already have about 100g of some sodium DAA I had been using...

    So can I just mix the two together in the same tub and shake it around? Or should I just add some baking soda to the bulk DAA? Or should I mix the too and add a bit more baking soda to the mix?

    I know it's not really an important question, but I was just wondering what I might do with the two. Thanks.

  2. I would say just finish out your Sodium DAA and then get into your bulk DAA. Adding the baking soda would help with bioavailability.

    If you wanted to mix the two I wouldn't see a problem with adding some sodium bicarbonate to even out the bulk DAA and Sodium DAA. Really however you want to do it would be fine and give you the same results
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  3. Thanks, I was pretty much thinking the same thing lol

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Type O Hero View Post
    Thanks, I was pretty much thinking the same thing lol
    No problem bro
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