Hey everyone. I am planning on cutting over the next 8-10 weeks and have a stack in mind that I would like to use while I do so. I have my diet all in check and I am currently sitting right around 190lbs at 10-12% body fat. My number one goal for this cut is to maintain the muscle mass I have currently while dropping my body fat to around 6% over the next few months. The products I would like to stack are (Daa, Erase Pro, Titanium XL, Anabeta Elite). I have run stacks in the past of two products such as Erase and Daa but nothing more. Any feedback you guys can give me regarding dosing schedules or anything else would be greatly appreciated. ex: (should I take "x" product weeks 1-4, "y" product 2-6 etc.) or would it be beneficial to take them all concurrently? Looking forward to starting this soon and if there is any interest I may run a log so i can give back to all the members of this forum. Cheers guys!