Add Massularia to stack or no???

  1. Add Massularia to stack or no???

    Starting Erase Pro, Anabeta, and X Factor. Got a bottle of AI Sports Massularia and from the logs, the results are impressive. Now, we know Erase Pro is an AI and cort product, Anabeta has some test boost properties and nutrient repart benefits, and X Factor has aRa muscle building properties. Now Massularia is marketed as a rest booster. Would it be overkill to add to the stack or should I save it for a later date?
    Search forums for my BFv3, XFA, and Anabeta 8 week stack log

  2. Definitely don't add it to the stack. Save it for a later time.

  3. That's what I was leaning towards anyhow. But a rep told me that my upcoming bulk would fit the type of eating that would be needed for Massularia to be effective and that they every supp in the stack works via a different pathway. Made sense but still seemed like overkill

  4. While the mechanism of action may be different, the pathway is ultimately testosterone production, which will experience diminishing returns.

    And it's frankly ludicrous to think that a specific kind of eating is necessary or optimal for a product to work. Just eat a balanced diet and you'll be fine.

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