Ursol XT?

  1. Ursol XT?

    Been trying to find info on this product but not much out there. Im looking into adding it in to my cutting stack. Anyone tried it before?

  2. You treid to find some info out there and you could not find? Never heard of google

    Well,back to topic. The main ingrendient is ursolic acid. Some people like it,some not
    My gf used even high dosage and she felt nothing. 2 month usage

  3. I could find info on it just couldnt find anyone who had used it before and reviewed it.

  4. Some people say it is good,some not. You should try it self

  5. Thinking about trying it. Thanks for the input

  6. I'd just go for the Ur-spray, a lot of the people that had poor results with regular ursolic acid have had better results with it.

  7. Yea. E pharm ursobolic, my gf took 18 caps at day without effect

  8. If you can find Pump Spray in stock anywhere, or get your hands on UR-Spray then do it, Ursolic acid has really low oral bioavailability.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  9. I messaged the rep on Facebook and he recommended it be taken with 20g of fat

  10. Quote Originally Posted by montesj88 View Post
    I messaged the rep on Facebook and he recommended it be taken with 20g of fat
    That will only get you so far. Tissue distribution is the issue.


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