Do GABA Supplements even Cross the Blood Brain Barrier?

  1. Do GABA Supplements even Cross the Blood Brain Barrier?

    So I was curious as to why people buy these, I heard from studies and from my biochem professor that these supplements dont cross your blood brain barrier at all because it is impermeable to the outside environment. where are the studies that prove these supplements to actaully work?

  2. Take phenibut. It's a derivative of GABA and phenibut DOES cross the blood-brain barrier. Google it. There's a ton of information out there.

  3. Phenibut is good stuff!

  4. Picamilon-150 is also a fantastic option for centrally acting GABA, though you should understand that the median eminence of the hypothalamus is not sheathed behind the BBB

  5. Not sure, but I take it before bed and it definitely makes me tired so something is happening.



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