Statins and Supplements

  1. Statins and Supplements

    I am 28 and high cholesterol runs in my family(parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are all on statins). l was recently put on a Statin drug myself for my cholesterol which is currently at 390.

    I have been lifting since my teens and was a college athlete so I have been in good shape throughout the years, supplementing as well. Now that I am on a statin drug, I wanted to see if anyone could provide some insight into any supplements that I should be staying away from.

    In particular I would appreciate feedback around the following supplements which I have taken previously and am looking to potentially take in the future:
    - XFactor
    - Alpha T-2
    - Erase
    - Anabeta Elite

    As for the specific statin drug, I am starting on Lipitor and may also try Crestor to see which my body seems to like best.


  2. No clue in regards to the supplements, but lipitor I tolerate very well. Crestor dropped my ldl fast as hell, and raised my hdl better than lipitor, but even at 20mg of crestor, and I told 20mg of lipitor, crestor caused EXTREME muscle pains to the point I couldn't move. They were tingling, burning muscle pains in my thighs, glutes, back, sucked. I upped my coq10 to 400mg from 120mg and got rid of em. Now I stick with 20mg of zocor as its cheapest for me.

    Crestor was still most effective if needing a drastic drop in a short period of time.
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