Update on test boosting stack..erase and more

  1. Compounds used:
    Erase 50mg ed
    Testpowder 2 scoops
    Ai hghpro
    Gains: well I'm a boxer not a bodybuilder and I noticed fat loss in my midsection, huge boost in libido and erections, better sleep, better athletic performance and endurance (the most apparent and surprising Effect I must say), a little increase in muscle mass.

    Side effects: MASSIVE HAIR LOSS. This one was huge, I shed like crazy and lost a considerable portion of my hairline, but I'm prone to mpb but this was just crazy. It has since stopped. Def and increase in aggression and anxiety but nothing uncontrollable. Some oily skin.

    I'm about 6'2 220 in my late 20's

    Overall I loved it, felt like god, but had to stop due to the hairloss. I know sounds like a ph or something considering these compounds are not all that strong, I was surprised to say the least. Take it for what it's worth.

  2. I'm surprised that you would see a noticeable increase in hair loss using the above stack. Did you make any other major changes to your diet or anything at the same time?

  3. agreed pretty suprised to see hair loss from those even from someone who may be susseptible.

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