Question about whether to use OG Anabeta/erase or ABE/EP

  1. Question about whether to use OG Anabeta/erase or ABE/EP

    My goal is to bulk, pack on as much weight as I can in the next few months.

    I want the most bang for my buck, not sure if it's worth upgrading to ABE/EP considering my goal. The "upgraded" versions have the same ingredients with some extras as the OG versions, and at first glance it seems the added ingredients are moreso for cutting purposes (especially in AB/ABE)

    What are some of the added benefits for going with the upgraded versions? Considering my goals, it would seem to me after a little bit of research that OG AB and EP would be the right choices for me, is that correct? And if not, what would you recommend?

  2. ABE and OG Erase would be best

  3. My experience parallels coopers post. ABE is good stuff. Erase pro is super strong, OG is in smaller caps so u can dose it more appropriately based on effects.

  4. cool, thanks guys. What would the difference in effects be between the supplements?

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