Anyone else get really horny from Jack3d Micro?

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    Depends on what you're comfortable with but drugging your wife isn't the answer. I personally wouldn't go looking for the answer to something like this on a bodybuilding/fitness/supplement website though. Look elsewhere, therapist maybe.
    That's actually a good Idea. I know one that is kinda old, but hot for her age. Prob makes good money. I'm sure I could prob hit it, she seems a little lonely.

  2. First time i used it, i took two scoops and got a stimdick. Next times i used one scoop, and yep, i seem to get really horny too after workouts with this now... It just got better and better...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by USPowders

    Tear the gym up....go home and make your lady friend happy......Now that's a pre workout worth buying.
    They call that a 2 in 1 product lol....

  4. That and Test Powder can create a preworkout for the real workout combo.

  5. My wife LOVES me on Micro and Test. Guess I'm more Alpha when using those two products.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by gahcase21 View Post
    Do you think 14 years of marriage and only having sex once a month is ok? there ought to be a law!!!
    Couples counseling may help. Seriously my friend had the same problem and after they went to a counselor together, their sexual activity increased.


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