How much PES Erase should i run during this cycle and for PCT?

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    yes i personally think the recommended dose is working great for me and i do not experience any joint pain but i am also taking fish oil. well before i took these supplements i weighed 220 at 32% bf as of 2 weeks ago i weighed in at 196 lbs 20% bf but i calculated my bf with a hand held machine so i am not sure if it is accurate. and right now i am cutting but i also need a little help with my diet because i really havent been consistent.
    Nice progress so far!there are plenty of things you could add to erase pro to help with your goals,a few good products are tta-500,reduce xt,Rk-500,alphamine,also been hearing good things about green coffee bean!
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    thanks bro it has been hard since i work at night and also part time during the day. And yes it isnt to bad since i know i am guilty of not eating 100% clean. oh ok thanks for the info i well look those supplements up and the prices. and yes i have also heard good things about green coffe bean ok thanks for the help dude.



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