Natty Test Stack

  1. Natty Test Stack

    Hypothetically speaking; if you had to choose one of these stacks to follow up/extend a PCT of Clomid and Sustain Alpha, which would it be?

    Sustain Alpha(5 on, 2 off)


    Bioforge Promax


    Have tried DAA once before during a PCT. Not sure it did much, so I am worried I may not respond well. Also worried that 7-Methoxy is a **** A.I.

  2. Go with the DAA, Erase, and T-Force.

  3. It's not a combo you listed, but I would go with DAA + Endosurge + Erase (og or pro)

    That's my favorite natty stack right there!

  4. I'd go with the second stack - Erase, T-Force and DAA.

  5. Bioforge Promax Phase 2
    you could either run Anabeta elite or erase with it if you can afford extra items if not fadogia forskolin and daa makes for a great combo good luck

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Go with the DAA, Erase, and T-Force.
    This is solid.

  7. Would a HCGenerate + Erase stack work well?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SUNBLOCK
    Would a HCGenerate + Erase stack work well?
    Yes. That's a really good stack.
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    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  9. Stack 2 for sure.
    I'm Back...

  10. they all sound great to me. personally, i like the first one cause i respond very well to SA
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