Natty Test Stack Androgel, DAA, Erase, Endosurge first log

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  1. Update

    So it has been several weeks now and noticing major dry skin. Some flaking as if I was sunburned but nothing major; localized to upper arms. Hands are very dry at the gym I have now ripped off skin twice, which blows. Observations: More alpha male feeling and increase to strength and endurance. I can finish a WOD and recover shortly after.

    New PR Deadlift 405lbs for 6 reps
    New Box PR for 3 WODs in past 2 weeks

    Doing the EOD WOD for Military Hero coming home this weekend ''
    Similar to Murph, gonna be fun this will be a testament to the test boost

    Overall I am almost halfway through the weight lose has plateaued diet is about 95% Paleo during the week 20% on the weekend continuing with IF. Joints are officially dried out so have been taking the Orange Triad again with plenty of Fish Oil.

    That is pretty much it need to start planning how to wean off everything but liking it for now. Thanks for the comments and advice

  2. Gonna sub in on this.
    Here is my log

  3. Mood is good. Diet was terrible this weekend and have gained about a pound of weight. Anyways the joints feel better overall but wrists are sore every-time I lift. Lots of cardio past few days felt good. Overall, no major changes. Minor change would be I am craving junk food more often. Strength is still good flexibility fair recovery awesome. Just finished 1 of 2 bottles of Erase and Endosurge. Continue to alternate the DAA caps vs powder and don't have any definitive or quantitative evidence to support either. So 4 weeks to go suggestions how to tapper off at the end?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AngryOldMan View Post
    I used Androgel for quite some time and went off of it with no SERM. Just a natty test cycle. My test levels recovered to my normal levels - only around 400. I think you'll be fine with no SERM. You ran a low dose for just a few weeks. I'm not a big Androgel fan for many reasons, but I have used it as a test base on 3 cycles now and think it does a great job at that.
    how high did your testosterone result go while on the gel (TRT style not cycled)? and at what dosage of the gel?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by WARBIRDWS6

    how high did your testosterone result go while on the gel (TRT style not cycled)? and at what dosage of the gel?
    I found that my test levels would climb after my script levels got bumped, but then they would slowly fall back to normal range. IIRC, the highest I ever got up to was around 650ish. Then my levels would fall and the doc would bump up my script. After getting up to the max dose, 10 pumps which is 12.5g I think, I got kinda discouraged. The levels dropped again, and that's when I decided to get off the train. I now save my script for a test base while cycling only. I am now in the low 400s naturally. But, while on TRT my my test ranged from about 500 up to 650. A little better, for me, but not enough to justify the cost and hassle. But, it does make for a great test base on cycle. Minimal sides and great results. I have no complaints with it used this way.

    If you're thinking Androgel can get you up to 800 range AND keep you there, I'd be very surprised. But, maybe with a low dose AI, and something like Endosurge to free up your total test, you might be able to get better results than I. Good luck.

  6. Update I got about 4 weeks left, any advice for the weaning off of daa, erase, and endo? I am going to try the cycle armor that just came out super cheap so why not. Will continue with whey, casein, bcaa and preworkouts. New PR for snatch grip push press 275. New PR 3 RM FS 300 ass to ground.

  7. Got my Cycle Armor today and its a really nice looking ingredient supplement we will see if I notice any changes for upper GI or anything. FYI at work I at 18 nutty buddies the little debby waffer things it suckkkkkkkksss. Its not the fullness but the fake taste and horrible feeling you get, try it.

  8. Well I have about a week left at one dose of everything per day as a taper. Liked the results and gains immensely and would run this again. Definitely noticed the drying of joints and OT mitigated this well. Plan to get blood and bf results soon.


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