Natty Test Stack Androgel, DAA, Erase, Endosurge first log

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  1. Update I got about 4 weeks left, any advice for the weaning off of daa, erase, and endo? I am going to try the cycle armor that just came out super cheap so why not. Will continue with whey, casein, bcaa and preworkouts. New PR for snatch grip push press 275. New PR 3 RM FS 300 ass to ground.

  2. Got my Cycle Armor today and its a really nice looking ingredient supplement we will see if I notice any changes for upper GI or anything. FYI at work I at 18 nutty buddies the little debby waffer things it suckkkkkkkksss. Its not the fullness but the fake taste and horrible feeling you get, try it.

  3. Well I have about a week left at one dose of everything per day as a taper. Liked the results and gains immensely and would run this again. Definitely noticed the drying of joints and OT mitigated this well. Plan to get blood and bf results soon.


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