pct question

  1. pct question

    Just finished a 5 week cycle of d-zine,test booster, and I was wondering if Anatropin would be a good pct. It's suppose to be extremely similar to navladex. Can anyone confirm this?

    Thanks! I appreciate the replies

  2. this should be posted in the anabolics section FYI. but as a standalone, definitely not adequate pct for a cycle that suppresssive. you're going to want a serm, no question, and a test booster alongside that is always a good option. An example would be something like nolva, daa, and then an AI like reversitol or Erase started around the end of the 2nd week of pct and then tapered down as you taper down the nolva or whatever you choose.

    like i said, consult the anabolics section here, and do your research before you start a cycle like that.
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  3. Thanks!

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