Before and after well as support for methadrol xtreme PLEASE

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    ok so should i be going with nolva or clomid for my pct? i have my natural test booster ill be taking to help reboost my natural test but will nolva or clomid help suppress my natural production or increase my hpta?
    Other folks can chime in with their opinions. But back when I started PHs, I'd read that clomid stood out slightly from the pack of SERMs in terms of recovering your HPA axis most quickly. I've never tried nolva though, and I'm not sure if I'd just stumbled onto some bro-science back then--since clomid has worked great, it's the only SERM I've used. Just FWIW.

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    AHHH ok. youve helped me alot and jim as well. Ill be purchasing some nolva and run that along with my test booster the day after my last 2 pills. Ill have an AI forma on hand. (spraying type). quick question. when on cycle if i see that the gyno starts to kick in like itchy nips or puffy should i spot spray the forma on that area only?
    The nolva should be all you need for gyno control

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    DAA is a test booster, a very effective one I might add, and with PS I am assuming he is referring to prolactin control of some kind.

    As for your other question it is my understanding that clomid is more effective for restoring HPTA while nolva is better for gyno treatment.

    Edit: nevermind he was referring to cortisol control, looking at it it makes more sense so I'm not sure what I was thinking.
    clomid is 100% the better choice, agree. BUT it has such shytty sides, I hate it . and nolva was always a gyno treatment for me also, but its widely used nowadays for PCT

  4. Oh, and here is the obligatory "this is supposed to be in anabolic section" comment.

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    Holy ****!!! Haha PA bro here northeast!
    Wait Northeast Philly?

  6. thanks for all the replys everyone. ill be using all of the info

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    What do you do for abs?? Crunches with a tractor on your chest damn
    That's funny as hell!
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    Wait Northeast Philly?
    Northeast pa bro about 2 hours from Philly
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    <img src="****63 925"/>
    heres my before and after as well.

    Please guys any help here is great
    Good job w/transformation.
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