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  1. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    If you don't from that (at reasonable doses) get a libido boost, there is probably a psychological issue
    I agree!! Haha

  2. LOL You're selling pasak buni tongkat? This is the same crap that was spiked with neuroleptics...

  3. ISA-test GF got me angry and horny... and yes, if its mental stimulation you need, its there too in huge doses

  4. What other pathways can you target libido? Erections? Etc.

    As in some compounds increase drive, volume, hardness etc

    What about stress? Blood flow? Anxiety? )

  5. If you want solid erections, get on the Goji berry, serious hardness.

    If you're ok with erections but want to feel bigger downstairs 24/7 , big balls, sack, big flacid etc. then get on something that boosts dht, a nice natty test booster, endosurge, etc.

    If you want mental stimulation try strong trib or pes erase

    ISA-test did the last two wonders, i wanted to attack everything female and had the equipment ready to do it, and i take goji every day now anyway, it also keeps you from every flu known to man

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Steve_W
    Lots of great info in this thread. I tossed up between SNS Trib 750 and Super Saponins for libido boosting..went with SS. What dosage do you guys find effective from Trib?? Thanks
    I Have been taking two with meals. That and bulbine makes me feel like a high-school kid again!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    Smelling like a waffle is the obese, so beware.

    Although pricey, Prime + Fadogia drove my libido insane. To the point of being highly disruptive and distracting.

    I have to say that the best bang for the buck is still Maca + Fenugreek.
    What brand of Fadogia did you use?

  8. I've used a couple brands and they seemed equal. DS and iForce were both fine.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    I've used a couple brands and they seemed equal. DS and iForce were both fine.
    I used bulk powder years ago, but recently have been using the I-Force version which makes my libido basically, unreal. Happy with what it gives for the price, big time.

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