DAA Dosing?

  1. DAA Dosing?

    3g at once or split? And in the morning? pre or post workout?

  2. DAA dosing should not be highly important. As long as you are getting a total of 3g any time should theoretically be fine and taking it all at once in the morning or pre-workout seems to be the most common approach I have seen.

  3. I took it at night. It seemed to help me sleep better as a bonus.

  4. I like it preworkout. I feel the extra aggression. It might just be in my head...but I'll take it.
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  5. I usually take it with my first meal, as long as you're getting 3g a day it doesnt matter.
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  6. If you wanna be precise 3.12 grams
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by JonRubio View Post
    If you wanna be precise 3.12 grams
    SNS DAA caps exact dose FTW.

    Try a few dosing schemes OP, I either did 50/50 split AM/PM, or full dose pre-wo.
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  8. I always take it on empty stomach - like they did on the study.


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