Getting anti-E in Canada

  1. Getting anti-E in Canada

    Any experiences with ordering stuff from the US into Canada?

    I'm considering getting nova but don't know how successful that is going to be. I'm not sure what the rules on saying sources is here but its going to be the lab that rhymes with ABC (think hand+trance). Heard some mixed comments about them as of late.

    The other options are 6oxo or LG formadrol v2 or both. Anyone know their legal status in Canada?


  2. 6oxo is not legal, and I doubt forma is either. Try asking around your gym, you'd be suprised at how much of this type of stuff is floating around... Hell, I'm 18 and I've had people offer to sell to me before.

  3. It may make it. I've never had an issue getting stuff sent up. There is a risk of seizure though, usually meaning you lose the $. If its something legal in the US to buy they should only seize it and send you a letter. If it was something clearly illegal (AAS or something like that) then you may have some legal issues. Also, you need to check if the supplier will send things into Canada, not all will. Good luck

  4. thanks for the tips & info guys

  5. the company you are refering to has good products im not sure about there shipping policies to Canada though?



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