One week into my stack..what the heck?

  1. One week into my stack..what the heck?

    So...I'm a week into an Alpha T2/Erase/DAA 3g/day stack. The Alpha T2 hits hard, seemed like I almost immediately started looking a bit leaner. I can't tell much about the Erase, or if I should really feel much different. The D-Aspartic Acid might be kicking in, as I'm becoming easily irritated. My question is..Today was shoulder day. I went in with a great attitude, but had the worst workout. I felt very lethargic (maybe a little dehydrated? I drink a ton) and nauseated. Could this be too much Erase? Will things take a while to even out? Any theories or experience on this stack? This is my first actual stack of things other than creatine or preworkout, so I didn't know if there were any tips to go along. Thanks as always!
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  2. i also feel short tempered on daa...whats your dosing regime

  3. Just 3g/night with water..straight down the throat..tastes *great* I was thinking about doing 12 days on 12 days off based off the study, but if you have a better idea..
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  4. not familiar with the study

  5. Long story short, after a study in rats and humans, levels peaked at 12 days and then slowly declined over a few more before they dropped back to normal. How are you dosing it?
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  6. What are your macros looking like?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    not familiar with the study
    Here ya go.

  8. 3.25gs every morning with sns daa caps, stayed on 2 weeks straight then got irritable, took 2 days off and dosed 4gs for 2 days and the aggression came back, no more daa for me

  9. If I had DAA again, I would be cast in place of Mark Ruffalo for the next Avengers movie. Its all there. Unassuming simple looking guy, goes mad only in meetings, and when teams miss project deadlines.

    DAA makes me angry. again I am no authority on this, just my two cents.


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