Synthetic supplements DAA with OG Anabeta and more (semi sponsored)

  1. Synthetic supplements DAA with OG Anabeta and more (semi sponsored)

    First off I wanna thank the guys at PES for letting me log DAA with Anabeta!!! I will be adding in my own staple supplements of course. I just got off of Alpha T2 with Anabeta Elite 4 weeks ago for my cut. I got down to i think 182 from 190 (somewhere around there). I will weigh in tomorrow to get my starting weight. The training I will be doing is 5x5 since I am bulking now. I do a modified version of this as I dont feel as its enough work for me. Its alot of stress on the body, I just like to add 1 additional exercise/body part of higher reps (8 - 12) unless I dont have time. I am in nursing school and taking a summer course that started today and I know its going to be very time consuming. I will update as much as I can. Any questions just ask on here, dont PM. these next 5 weeks I wont have time for messages in detail plus a log. Id rather stick to the log with the time i have. I have been on this routine for the past 2 weeks so tonight I will post my numbers of those 2 weeks so you get an idea of the progress im already making. I am going to try to walk around the block every night as my prayer time as well as some cardio. I just feel nasty when bulking lol I am doing a clean bulk, drinking MAP by PP throughout the day.

    Training: Modified 5x5

    Supplements - 3g DAA, 4 caps Anabeta / day, MAP, Superpump MAX, Creapure by PP on OFF days, Orange Triad, Myofusion protein powder.

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  2. IN! Looks like a solid stack bro
    PES - PM me anytime for any questions
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