Running consecuttive cycles

  1. Running consecuttive cycles

    What up ladies and gentlemen. I am contemplating running a continuous Recomp for the next year starting in September. What I am thinking is something like this;

    1st 8 weeks: DAA (D-pol or intimidate) + test booster (more than likely Bioforge V3) + Erase

    Next 8 weeks: Anabeta (OG) + GDA (recompodrol or glycobol) + HGH booster (Mass HGH or HGH Pro)

    I would be alternating every 8weeks for a year and eating clean and training to pack on as much lean mass as possible. I would also keep a detailed log. My question is, since these products work through different pathways is there a problem running them consecutively or would I need at least a 4 week break between?


    Current stats;

    Age = 33
    weight = 212
    height = 6' 1.5"
    Bf% = 10-12%

  2. Don't see a problem with that.

  3. I think it looks really good man. Good Luck! Sounds solid.
    I'm Back...

  4. Looks good
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