Help with customizing a protien mix

  1. Question Help with customizing a protien mix

    Hey all!
    When the Cardinals won the pennant,i found myself with a few extra bucks in my pocket,so i thought i would spend it on a good protien blend.

    I have been looking at,and i am having a tad bit of difficulty putting together a good PM mix.I know what certain protiens do,but i am not sure of the percentages to add.

    In summary,if you were to make your own PM blend,what would you add to the mix,and in what ratio's?

    Thank you for any help you can give.

  2. What kind of Protein formula are you looking to make? Is it going to be general protein intake, PWO, meal replacement, etc.? A good site to try would be the Protein Factory and the board sponsor All The Whey. If you're looking for a certain mix, I would definitely go to the protein factory website and click on the protein lab icon as this has a number of different formulas you can choose from and some of the ingredients are the same at true protein. If you're looking for general protein intake, I would say look towards all the whey. I haven't shopped with them, but there's a reason they're a board sponsor and have a really, really good price on high quality protein.

    Hope this helps
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  3. Go with 1/3 whey concentrate, 1/3 egg white protein, and 1/3 milk protein isolate.

  4. 30% egg and 70% milk isolate (the cheaper version of micellar casein, where it is extracted from)

  5. Hey!
    Thank you for the help all,much appreciated!



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