Which type of phosphates?

  1. Which type of phosphates?

    I am looking to add phosphates to a homebrew creatine mix. I was wondering which type of sodium/potassium phosphates to use and the difference: mono, di, or tri basic?


  2. Those are all buffers, why not use phosphoric acid and create a compound. More stable that way.

  3. Thanks for the reply DR.D. Chemistry is not my forte so could you please elaborate on this a little more. I understand the benefits of phosphates as an ergogenic aid so I intend to utilize them but this is not something I can find in a general supplement store. So I found the raw materials on various chem sites but I don't know exactly what I need. Also how does the phosphoric acid come into play here? Thanks.

  4. DFL, I was thinking about your buffer system. I like it. I think dibasic sodium phosphate would work best. If you use the potassium salt, maybe even the tribasic, cause the di is just slightly alkaline in solution. Anhydrous form for either. In an acid medium, creatine forms creatinine which is just a waste product and a kidney toxin. In alkaline buffer, an equalibrium is established that can favor the stability and absorbtion of more of the creatine before it is destroyed. I think I'll try this too and see how it goes with regular, cheap, monohydrate creatine. I'm using creatine pyruvate pre w/o now and love it though.

  5. I've heard of people using IP-6 or inusitol hexaphosphate for a source of phosphate though I've never tried it myself. I've no idea if it would buffer creatine mono but it would at least provide ample substrate for phosphorilation.



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