I recall years ago on some other board, these were all the rage.

These are very potent PPAR modulators.

From my limited reading, these used to be the drugs of choice for lowering cholesterol before the statins (toxic scam) came along.

These are also very effective for increasing insulin sensitivity (can you say nutrient repartioner?).

Anyone have experience with these? These might be "gray area" type drugs and as such, not suitable for discussion on this forum. I apologize in advance if that's the case.

That said, perhaps there are OTC supplement counterparts available?

The reason these are so appealing (on the surface) is that on paper, these may allow for fat free binges and generally speaking, allow for less rigid/less disciplined eating with comparable results (and would also be solid cuting agents).

Don't hate a guy for being a little burned out on eating like a gerbil

PS: I have been an advocate of Fish Oil and Sesamin for many years for this reason but can't help but wonder what else we have access to that MAY cause similar results.