does iForce stack up against the competition?

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    Hemavol will never change... It's already perfect
    Agree 100%, which is why there is always at least 1 container on my kitchen cupboard.

  2. nice !!
    You come in peace, but you go back in pieces

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    iForce Nutrition Representative
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

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    IForce Nutrition Compete:LEMON DROP Review

    Taste:Lemon Drop is not bad of a taste. Im going to admit I like this flavor better than Fruit Punch Slam. It clearly reminded me of Lemon Drop HemaVol. This flavor was really good. I enjoyed drinking it through out my workout. The whole time It felt like I was drinking lemonade. I enjoyed it. The flavor was not to strong nor to sweet it was perfect. This will be one of the flavors that I do have plans on purchasing when it is realesed.

    Mixability:2 scoops in about 20oz of water. Mixed it will no problems.Powder immediately started to dissolve once it was in the bottle. Excellent mixibility.Also forgot to mention, it starts to foam up If you shake the bottle super fast. This shows how well this stuff mixes. Twirl the bottle a couple times and it's fully dissolved. Does not get better than that.

    Performance:How can I say this.?..Hmm..At 2 scoops..this stuff is killer. I benefited so much off 2 scoops. It did not feel like I was working out. I was blasting through my sets. Did not fill like I was lifting heavy at all in till I saw the weight. It was intense, fast pass. With 1 scoop, compete was already amazing but with 2 scoops it's another level. Started sipping on it 5-10 before my workout. Felt it kick it the begging of the second set. I had the greatest workout with this. Pushed myself even more with 2 scoops than I did with 1. 2 scoops is a perfect dosing for me. This stuff was epic. No intra comes close to how intense compete can be at 2 scoops. What a journey. Forgot to mention I finished off my workout with 20mins of cardio because of how much energy I had in me to keep on going. I had no intentions of doing cardio either. This shows how well this stuff really works. Very nice job IForce.

    Recovery:As I mentioned, with 1 scoop my rest was between 30-35 secs but with 2.. It felt to me as If I did not rest at all. Recovery was quicker. I had that fast past workout. The drive to do more reps was epic. As hard as I went, my recovery was still good. I did not have to take seconds to rest. Once I was done with one set. 20-25 sec rest and boom it's on to the next set. Heavy lifting + 20 mins cardio = AMAZING RECOVERYY. I felt unstoppable.

    Overall :Compete shined at 2 scoops. Intense & great recovery. I benefited very well with 2 scoops & do believe its a good dosing. I'm in LOVE with this product & impressed how well this stuff works. 2 scoops = Faster Recovery, Intense Performance, Endurance, A lot of energy, and most of all it was heaven. Haha. Im enjoying this product very much & can not wait to get my hands on a tub. This is one of my favorites. Theirs no such thing as other intras after this one.
    eh eh?

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    2 scoops of Tangy Tangerine in 25oz of water, drank 10oz then added 10 more oz of water.
    Workout :::CHEST:::

    ***first of all, I'd like to say is i wanted to put COMPETE to the test. i did a marathon for chest, kept the weights to what i usually do; but all i did was push myself and kept the breaks between sets to 30 seconds. and these are the results.***

    Taste 9/10 as soon as it hit my tongue, i looked over to my girlfriend and said, i think this is tang. very sweet, and refreshing the taste brought me back to my childhood . told her, "i know they joke about the guy being black, but making a tang flavored intra is ridiculous" it's not really tang, well i don't remember exactly how tang tastes like it's been a good 4 years since I've had it, but this is a very familiar tangy tangerine flavor. drinking half, then refilling kept the flavor consistently pleasant, delicious and refreshing.

    Mental Focus: 8/10 i was draggin a$$ all morning, and maybe I'm hoping for like a direct nootropic effect from it. if you go in expecting that you're going to be let down. in reality what you get is a slight energy boost, then slowly it comes, not really tunnel vision, but more like i was in the zone feeling, everything, everything start to click. i liked it.

    Physical Performance/Recovery 10/10 I'm going to merge these 2 categories together for the sole reason that today, i did what i guess you could consider a 6 set super set for chest. i was blown away by what i was doing today, did heavy chest, and kept the breaks down to about 30 seconds, enough time to put back the DB's, take a sip of compete, get a heavier DB and walk back to the bench. My girlfriend told me why was i in such a rush told her, i was trying to get tired, trying to see how soon i can make myself quit. i did what i planned my workout to be, and looking back i should have added another 1 or 2 exercises because i never quit. it was like there was a list of workouts, came to the ended then said, **** that's it? alright i guess I'm done. was very impressed with it. sweat was dripping down my face, and my shirt was soaking in the end, but in the end COMPETE completely blew me away.

    Hydration 9/10 i peed alot clear, as water. lol but in all honestly i was sweating like crazy, and drank more water to keep my hydrated.
    and another

  6. Will iForce have more Compete Promo's in the near future?
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  7. we will be having more, yes. Gotta spread the love around.

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    was very impressed with it. sweat was dripping down my face, and my shirt was soaking in the end, but in the end COMPETE completely blew me away.
    Pretty weird, because LCLT seems to give me more endurance and sweat less.


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