whats the newest trend for full detox?

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    lol the fruits and vegetables you eat have artificial hormones and are not natural like they use to be, have been sprayed with chemicals and other shiz...so as much as you try to be healthy you can't unless you have your own garden..lol
    Lol so since I say I eat a lot of fruits and veggies that means I got them all from a supermarket? I do live in the country with dozens of local farms as well as farmers markets weekly, so think before you talk
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    The BS about hormones in our meats is overblown as well. Yes, some livestock is "juiced" up. How this means eating their muscle is bad is beyond me. Even if there were trace amounts of hormones in the meat, I strongly doubt they would survive the preserving/cooking process and I doubt even more strongly that they'd be orally bioavailable. There's a reason Pat Arnold worked at ErgoPharm and not a steakhouse.
    I will say that locally farmed beef I get is MUCH more flavorful than something purchased at the supermarket, as well as cheaper and I can buy it in bulk and pack a freezer or two
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    For example look at bpa's
    Raise estrogen levels. Kill testosterone and cuases cancer.
    Most supermarkets buy fruits Covered in it because it gives it a shine. Like a wax coating.
    You will likely kill yourself by overeating those foods before getting the effects of those BPA's. Yet another health scare with little to no ground to stand on.

  2. I've never done a detox, though I drink alot of water and oximega greens.
    I guess I never really felt my body needed a detox, except maybe after the holidays


  3. Good thread!

  4. I can tell you the fruits and veggies and meat in Afghanistan taste a whole lot better than in the states....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kojack
    I can tell you the fruits and veggies and meat in Afghanistan taste a whole lot better than in the states....
    Uh, we are going to disagree on this one lol
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    Uh, we are going to disagree on this one lol
    lol...granted there isnt much fruits here but the mulberries, apples, and cantaloupes are good. we dont get much out here in this vsp.

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    I think a lot of detox products are scams, however I think the overall concept of detox is fairly well documented and having experienced it a few times, I believe it. As a species we are indeed swimming in chemical compounds that our bodies were never meant to deal with. Whatever the liver cannot deal with can get stored in cells and this too is detailed in the literature. Dr's are great, but generally only after something is already broken.
    So true! A lot of supplements and other product offers right now are scam. But for me, the newest trend for full detox that is totally not a scam is this chlorella supplement from a doctor named Mercola. I've tried using it for over a month now and suprisingly, I really feel that my immune system is a lot stronger than before. No kidding. Try it and see for yourself.

  8. Oh lord, you dun goofed giving money to Mercola. He has spent his entire adult life spreading bull****.


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