What cutting supp to use in between EC stack?

  1. What cutting supp to use in between EC stack?

    Hi after 7-8 weeks of EC/TTA/11-KT resp. Reduce XT my cutting cycle still has not ended. I want to take a break of EC/TTA and the cortisol control stuff for 6-8 weeks and search for something i can take then. What about Alphaburn (alpha-Yohimbine) combined with Raspberry Ketones? Or even with some bulk DMAA? Or should i completely stay off stims for some weeks? Is the Alphaburn a good idea or are there still better options or something i can throw in additionally? What about Diioods? Perhaps PES AlphaT2 would be a good idea??

  2. did u run 8 weeks of all the mentioned supps?

  3. I use stims as mainly a plateau breaker instead of a backbone. My main stack consists of Alpha T2 and DCP with EC added for only 2 week blasts. I don't run it for short periods to keep my receptors fresh, but so I don't become dependent on EC, which is the same reason I don't stim up before training.
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  4. Look into SNS RK-500 for this purpose. Quite effective as per reports of many, and great for overall health to boot.
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