Help with stacking of Purus products

  1. Help with stacking of Purus products

    I recently purchased Purus Labs d-pol, recycle, muscle marinade, organ shield, and fat smack based on positive reviews on this forum and a few other places. My question to those who have tried on their own or Purus reps is... Should fat smack be stacked with the other supplements I purchased or should I wait? I am a relative newbie to all of the all of the newer supplements available these days and want my hard efforts in the gym to be rewarded by results and not counteract progress by taking the wrong combination of supplements. Prior to purchasing this order I used a decent diet, multivitamin, pre-workout/N.O., BCAA, & Protein. I am 42, 5'10", 178 lbs and have a goal to lean out and be around 185 lbs. Any help appreciated and look forward to the responses I might get.

  2. Well you have a test booster and a fat burner, you can def stack them for a clean bulk or just wait to use fat smack once you are done with dpol. Also if you are going to run fat smack I would separate it from muscle marinade since it also contains stims. Don't want to get to stimmed out on muscle marinade and fat smack together. Just keep a proper diet and kill it in the gym and it should be an epic stack
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I think I will wait to take Fat Smack so I don't bounce off the walls when not in gym. I find it all very confusing when you go on the Purus Labs website and they list what other products that can be stack but not really instructions on timeframe for starting. I now wonder if I should wait to take Recycle after I finish a few bottles of D-pol & Muscle Marinade since they are test boosters. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

  4. You should use Recycle with D-pol. Some of its ingredients should help increase your testosterone/"free testosterone" levels and control estrogen levels. The stack should help increase the benefits of any rise in testosterone. It looks like a good combo.
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  5. Dpol used with Recycle. MM is just a preworkout. Organ shield you can use whenever so just use it with your FatSmack.

  6. bump for the advice from the Animal
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    bump for the advice from the Animal
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