BCAA question

  1. BCAA question

    Just curious as to how many grams of BCAA one should be taken in per day? I mean should you take in a gram of BCAA per body weight? Right now I take in nowhere near a gram per body weight, below is the brake down of what I take, can anyone advise if it is over kill or should I be taking in more?

    Training days
    Per workout- 4grams
    Post work- 11 grams
    After breakfast protein sake-14 grams
    After dinner protein sake-14 grams

    Non training days
    After breakfast protein sake-14 grams
    After dinner protein sake-14 grams

  2. .4g per kg. BW if I remember correctly
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  3. It really depends on diet and goal. If you're cutting bcaa supplementation is very important. If u do something like intermittant fasting its also very important. If u do something more like a traditional bodybuilder bulking diet, not so much. Then u can get away with 10-15g upon waking and I like to do another 10g intra workout.

    When I cut ill probaby be around the 75g per day range to stave off catabolism as much as possible. Also high blood levels of bcaa help to quell hunger.

    Just my 2 cents
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  4. I've been cutting doing IF for about 2 weeks and I take in 50g daily n I feel it helps out alot with maintaining muscle

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