Inner armour Muscle Peak

  1. Inner armour Muscle Peak

    Has anyone tried this protein? I found a 5lb for really cheap, but wanted some feedback before I
    bought it.

  2. anybody??

  3. Protein is protein. If it is cheap and has the hydrolyslate formula why not.

    I use basic whey and add glutamine, creatine, BCAA, carbs, etc. Cost effective and I can customize towards my goal. Buy everything in bulk.

  4. I bought it. cant be it for $30.

  5. Way too many carbs per serving.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
    Way too many carbs per serving.
    About the same macros as 2 scoops of synth-6.
    400 cals, 44g protein, 30g of carbs, & 12g of fats.... It's the only powder I use. It's a meal replacement.

    If thats what he looking for is a MRP then I don't find the price of syntha bad and the taste is great (chocolate).... Never tried this and I'm not sure how the price compares, but OP should compare this with syntha-6 if that's what he is looking for.
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  7. Just saw this for sale again today. I'm now eating carbs so it should be ok.

  8. Nah, I'm not gonna get it. It's $35 with shipping, "on sale" and I can find it for $37.74 regularly priced, so it's not such a great deal.

  9. Plus, look at all that nasty extra crap in it.

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