Anyone cut dairy productsd out of their life?

  1. Anyone cut dairy productsd out of their life?

    if so, what and what have you observed.
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  2. I did during a cut and I didn't notice anything last year but I think there is 2 things to look at before tho 1. I think being 12% bf and lower will show a lot more subtle changes like taking dairy out and 2. I think it depends how your body handles dairy since everyone is different some people have bad reactions to certain amounts of dairy.....that's just my take on it
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  3. I cut out about 90% of it. I may have an ounce or two in my coffee and an occasional slice of pizza on the weekend or my burger (cheat night) but for the most part I cut out milk, cheese and ice cream. I don't like sour cream or cottage cheese so that was easy, too. I found it helped drop my body fat by removing unnecessary fat and calories from my diet. I also not lactose intolerant so that was also a non issue.

  4. Milk use to be an essential part of my macros but I switched over to unsweetened almond milk (and the new almond/coconut blend) and I feel like I've been a lot less bloated-looking. It's probably all in my mind but who knows.

  5. I used to drink 5 gallons of milk a week, and aside from 1 serving of cheese every 2-3 days I've cut out dairy completely.

    While I was able to squeeze it into my daily macros while dieting, I have had much better and faster results after dropping milk.

    Anecdotally, I believe (and have been told) that milk slows or stops complete nutrient absorption due to its coating effect on the stomach. That's apropos of nothing though, because I cut it due to the sugar content.
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