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    Swole Stack ( TESTOPRO + GLYCOBOL + STOKED!)

    Hi guys,
    I've been wondering about doing this cycle here, I've read some good reviews about it.
    I got some questions i need to ask though.
    Should I do a 1month or 2month cycle on it? I mean buying to bottles of each.

    How should I dose it daily for maximum efficiency?

    Is it worth to use both Test Boosteres at the same time? ( Stoked and Testopro )

    Can I stack it with Lean-FX or Animal Cuts?

    Anyways, any of you have ever used it and have recommendations about the products?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I did a 3 month log of TestoPro and it was a great 90 day run! I ran the Swole Stack for 60 days, then the next month I ran TestoPro/DAA/Erase. The strength gains were consistent throughout the 90 days so I would def recommend going for a 2 month stack. Stoked is essentially an AI so it reduces esto while increasing test, running them together was vital from a previous exp with a product similar to TestoPro. Check the log section, there are several 3 month logs still going.
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