I've recently been using OEP for a few weeks and then added lean xtreme and reductiopm. My eight weeks for OEP is almost over and ive noticed that OEP is not giving the same effect anymore for these last few weeks. LEan extrme and reduction are still going strong but i want something a little more potent and good for appetite suppressant. Ive been reading reviews on different stacks and i noticed that alpha t-2 +erase + OEP is very popular but then i came across Dexaprine. I notice that its cheapers then OEP and would last way longer. My question is would it be ok to swap out the OEP for Dexaprine? I was planning to save the lean xtreme and reduction for a stim-free stack later down on the road, when i take a break from stims.

  2. Bump i decided to save the oep+alphat2+erase for later since im alrdy finishing one bottle. I decided to go with a non stim stack with lean xtrme and tt-33. I was wondering could i use Dexaprine as a pre-workout or would that be to much. If i was to use all three.

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