Activate Xtreme and DAA?

  1. Activate Xtreme and DAA?

    Hello all. This is my first post. Used to try and get help from, but the more I google and come across this place, this forum seems to be a lot more willing to offer help. So with that, a newbie question.

    I want to try the Activate Xtreme + Triazole stack based off of a friends recommendation. My question, is that I have some DAA caps left over from a stack from a month or so ago. Can I stack the Xtreme, Tria and the DAA if I'm only looking at a 4 to 6 week stack, with 6 being the max?

    I also take CLA, Green Tea and L-Cart for the extra fat burning that I've read comes along with it. Other than that, just typical creatine fish oil.

    Any recommendations? Drop the fat burning if I do the XTDaa stack? Or can it all be taken together?

    If this all sounds ridiculous, I'm sorry in advance. I'm new to trying some of this, and have read that the L-Dopa in Xtreme goes well with DAA if its not extended, but I wasnt sure if it was okay to keep the Triazole in there. And if the fat burning would hurt.

    Thanks guys. Look forward to learning from some of you pros.

  2. yes, great stack

    DAA + antiestrogenic compound, feel good.

  3. take it all woot

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