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    For most of us know we grow in our sleep (primarily during REM sleep)

    What are some of the drugs/supplements you guys take before bed?

    Mine are.

    Melatonin 3mcg

    A serving of liver tabs.


    and soon to come L-arginine 2 grams before sleep

  2. For me it's a Protein shake mix of:

    25% Calcium Caseinate
    25% Soy Isolate
    25% CFM Whey Isolate
    25% Milk Isolate
    1tbsp Flax Oil
    1/2 tsp of Watermelon Crystal Light for flavour

    1000mg Calcium
    Antioxident (When cutting)
    ZMA (When bulking)
    1000mg Vit C

    That's about it.

  3. nite time supps

    i take zma and liv tabs also...melatonin never did anything much for me tho. plus some ala..and some casein if i'm bulkin....i usually dont have alot of trouble sleepin unless i've been into the ephedrine within 4 hours of bedtime...then i can kiss that nights sleep goodbye..heh

  4. a load of cottage cheese and pb, liver tabs... thats about it

  5. I work shift work, so my sleep is shot to hell. For sleep aids I've used melatonin, which works sometimes. I also use doxyamil succinate (sp?) and benedryl which are both antihistamines that help knock you out. All sleep aids work to some extent, but after a while the body adapts to that particular substance, then it no longer cycling them helps. Last night was a perfect example of not being able to matter what I took I was just not able to sleep at all......and I just started my 7 days straight....six 12hr shifts and one 8hr shift......wish me luck.

  6. I sleep all day because i work the night shift. I eat 4 eggs, bacon, toast, oatmeal w whey prot. and a met rx shake. i have a fast metabolism.

  7. melatonin (3mg pills) knock me right out...

  8. optimum nutrition's melatonin @ 3mg per can be had for 1.50 for 100pills. thats ridiciously cheap. never tried it and might just have to pick it up. Sage

  9. I know its not liked here much but L-glutamine makes me sleepy, about 7-8 grams in Kool-Aid and I'm good.

  10. I allso work swing shifts and have a hell of a time getting to sleep...Acting on a recommendation I tried some GABA at a dose of 2 grams last night, It seems that in some people it has a unpleasent side effect of shortness of breath... Scared the **** out of me...

  11. we can't buy melatonin in Canada. But a good Canadian history text book will put me to sleep.

    I take ZMA, I haven't finished the bottle yet, but when I do I'll just buy some Zinc and take that with a B Complex.

  12. Originally posted by dez/null
    im gonna add this to my intake rbal_supplement_125_mg_softgel _capsules.htm"] rbal_supplement_125_mg_softgel _capsules.htm[/URL]

    I used to take valarian, but I didn't notice anything from it.
  13. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
    ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday's Avatar

    magnesium is what makes you sleepy not the zinc. Zinc is for natural test levels to be at their peak.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by MadChild
    I used to take valarian, but I didn't notice anything from it.
    As did I, being a Canadian and looking for a legal alternative to melatonin. It does not seem to produce any noticable effect, but its use seemed to coincide with loose stools the next day.

  15. Homemade ZMA- 1 zinc tab and 4 magnesium tabs. The mag is what makes you sleepy.
    Strong caffeine free green tea extract- the theanine is very relaxing
    10-15 grams of taurine sometimes
    melatonin and valerian root if I'm still having issues

  16. Option 1

    40g of Micellar Casein
    15g of L-glutamine
    15g of L-taurine
    750 mg magnesium
    2 tbs of PB
    4 tbs of Cottage cheese

    Option 2

    12 - 15 gin and tonics

  17. Just want to give you Canadians a heads up. You can't buy Melatonin in Canada, but you can bring in a 3 month supply for personal use. I live near the border, and bring it back every 3-4 months. Declare it for what it is, and you'll pay duty on it, but they won't stop you or try to seize it. You may have to explain the 3 month personal use thing, but Customs once they get their heads out of their asses will let it go with no issues. Just make sure your order is all supps in this catagory or you may lose it all because of something else.

    Nice that they're happy to take your duty money on it, but not let the joe with the nutrition store make the $ off of selling it legally. Jerks.

  18. I take 12mg melatonin & 1000mg GABA every night & still have trouble sleeping most nights. I have tried valerian, & probably every other herbal method out there. They work well for some, but I'm cursed.

    It sucks, because I can't get a doc to prescribe anything without me taking an overnight sleep study. My insurance won't cover it, plus I know I'll never fall asleep in a hospital & I'll have to take time off work to sleep & recover. I've had a script for the study for 2 years & never called to schedule it. Maybe I should...

  19. Sleep issues got me hooked on MJ for several years which became a bit of a nuisance issue. Even though it brings on sleep quickly I think it shortens or even stops the amount of REM sleep. I never dreamt on MJ.

    Nowadays I use large doses of Mg asporatate, or a little melatonin, or kava kava. Really high quality valerian works well but I've noticed it only works for the first night or two, then it loses its effectiveness. All in all the goal should be to use the substances to reset your sleep schedule and the be able to sleep supplement free. I wish!

  20. I can never sleep directly after smoking weed, maybe 4 hours later or so, but I don't think it would help me much. I guess I am lucky that I pretty much have no trouble sleeping.

  21. 3 mg. of Melatonin knocks me the hell out. If find that if I use it too long I tend to get up in the middle of the night.

  22. Can anybody suggest a supp. that will help me tune out the sounds of my neighbor getting stuffed next door?

  23. I personally like 3mg clonazepam/6-8 gabatropin, or

    3mg melatonin/100mg 5-htp/100-300 l-theanine

  24. doxylamine succinate (unisom/nyquil) for you harder insomniax


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