Good stack with h roid??

  1. Good stack with h roid??

    Kinda new to stacking pro hormones. Took a cycle of s roid, a while ago. Just wondering, if any; what are some good ones to stack with hardcore formulations h roid?? Or would I be just fine with h roid alone?

  2. Just dose it at
    And you won't need to stack it with any thing

  3. Should try the pro hormone threads my man.
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  4. Right on man, thanks

  5. You shouldn't need to stack it with anything imo. Its an oral, you cant kickstart any faster with orals.. that is for delayed response injections are when quickstarts come in to play. Just take care of your health throughout and get cholesterol levels checked and treat/prevent issues. Since heart help just came out, I will be taking that daily now throughout all of my pcts and cycles in place of zocor.

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