Need abit of advice with this cycle

  1. Need abit of advice with this cycle

    Right now I am taking Megavol (a Superdrol clone), its a 4 week course and then I was going to come off them, but then I would need to take PCT Assist for 4-6 weeks, once the PCT Assist are over.. I would of had a 2 week break, and then most likely go back to Megavol for another cycle

    However things have changed, people have spoken and I am thinking of going further.
    My friend told me he would hook me up with some steroids, and I am tempted but first I want to figure out how to go about it...

    Currently on my 3rd week of Megavol, I am definately going to finish these off.

    Its mainly about the PCT Assist, thats what I really wanna know. Do I need to take PCT Assist twice, after both the megavol and steroids orrrrr can I go straight onto steroids after my megavol cycle is over?

    So I think my choices are basically 1 or 2, but which is the right way? Those PCT Assists cost 40, so would be 80 if I needed to take them after megavol and then again after steroids, so Im hoping I can go straight onto steroids after these megavol...... but not if its gona **** my body up to much

    1) 4 weeks megavol > 6 weeks PCT Assist > 2 week break > steroids > PCT Assist again after finished steroids
    2) 4 weeks megavol > steroids > PCT Assist once finished with steroids


  2. Dude wow. PCT Assist is your only post cycle therapy after being 4 weeks on one of the strongest PH's / DS?

    I would never encourage anyone to use steroids and it seems to me like you don't even know how to run a superdrol cycle so please keep your hands off steroids.

    Its your last week on superdrol? Please do some research ASAP and buy yourself a SERM because PCT Assist is not enough for a superdrol cycle.
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  3. Holy...

    You're going to need a WHOLE lot more. If you aren't able to find a SERM ASAP (which btw, you will need... go google some Tamoxifen) you're going to AT LEAST, and I mean at VERY LEAST, need some more to support this so called "post cycle" that you're planning.

    Your best bet over the counter (assuming you're unable to procure a SERM - which I can't stress enough, is HIGHLY, HIGHLY encouraged) would be:

    Liver Longer
    PCT Assist
    Vitamin C
    Fish Oils

    And we are talking BARE MINIMALS here. You NEED a SERM.

    What S-Drol dosage were you taking?

    And above anything else, please, for the love of everything that is sacred, do not jump into Steroid, do not go back to S-Drol a week after you're done, just do not do anything that is not straight dieting until you learn more or else little Jr. won't be working really soon, your lipids are gonna go haywire and you may do some serious, significant long term damage to yourself.
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  4. Yeah I have just read a long post, the steroids are out of the window right now. No worries, Im not gonna be stupid after reading this.

    I was just about to message the guy who wrote this:

    But I think you might of just answered my question, although I am not sure I can ask you for more, as I read the rules you are not allowed to ask for product sources, or is that just steroids?

    Am I allowed to link to products on websites, such as the Megavol Ive been using and the PCT Assist etc? Would be easier

  5. Ive been taking Megavol for the last 2 weeks, tomorrow will be the 3rd Friday, and then that will be my last week after tomorrow
    Ive been taking 3 a day.......

    Megavol is a superdrol clone but comes with Liver Protection & Blood Pressure Support in the same capsule, whether or not that is true I dont know, but thats what it says

    But anyway, could you please help me get everything I need so I can be prepared for my PCT. I have nothing yet, left it far too late

  6. Ordered now
    Esto Supress, Androlobix and DAA

    Im from the UK so I couldnt buy that thing from that website, it was american
  7. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    I don't know what the products are you just listed (aside from the DAA, which is a good addition), but you need Nolva, Clomid or Torem. Each of those are SERMs and with a product like superdrol (a STEROID), you need one.

    As for finding one; use Google to your advantage.
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  8. Esto Supress is a serm apparently
  9. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by DStruct View Post
    Esto Supress is a serm apparently

    1,2-diphenyl-1-butene 10mg

    When I google it, it comes up with links to tamoxifen (nolva), though I'm not a chemist, so I don't know if that's the legitimate compound or not.
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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