What was your first preworkout?

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    Muscle Marinade ... I still remember like doubling the reps of everything I did when I got it, and also running through my 2 hour leg day in 1 hour. Of course when I took it I had only been lifting and dieting for about 3 or 4 months and had never been on creatine or any supplement besides protein. Anyways, after trying nearly 20 or more PreWO it's still my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutoKal47 View Post
    man i don't know why I had that reaction lol i know that I puked so much I wanted to die
    that day, and the problem with the blue rasp: think about this, it ain't that good to begin with,
    now imagine to force-vomit it for something like 10 hours straight, AND then the next day (out of stubbornness)
    taking it again lol
    I can't even smell blue rasp anything now.. Now that I think about it it sounds a lot like
    when I was 13 or somethin' and I got drunk for the first time. With plain white tequila.
    My worst nightmare at this point would be blue rasp tequila (wtf am I talking about?? time to go to sleep..)
    I'm not gonna lie; I laughed, while reading this.

    As for the alcohol thing; yeah, I actually know exactly what you're talking about. Early on in college, I managed to down the majority of a fifth of UV blue on my own and then started working on the fifth (got through maybe half of it) of UV green. My genius idea was to mix each of them with the corresponding color of Hawaiian Punch...oh, man. I'll never forget showing up to the party we were going to and being drunk, already, and saying that it tasted like "green, apple hobbit penis."

    I hadn't drank UV blue outside of that, since, aside from twice, when my buddy's wife and friends mixed blue bombs...and it was just as awful as the first time around.
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