Erase, Testforce 2?

  1. Erase, Testforce 2?

    Considering stacking Erase and Testforce 2. Ive never taken either but I havent taken anything lately and want to try something new. I was going to buy Erase Pro but figured I shouldnt try it before I try Erase. Also was wondering if I can take creatine while on Erase, and what people do to counteract the joint dryness. Im already taking cissus. Any feedback is appreciated

  2. Great stack, joint dryness is only a issue if u continue a dose of Erase that may be lil too much. I had joint pain @ 3 but @ 2 I was normal.

  3. Perfect stack...3 caps Erase with the suggested dose of TF2 given on the bottle
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  4. Erase + Test Force V2 would be a great stack.
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  5. Going to run a Erase+TF2+Titanium XL for 8 weeks



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