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    No not for supplements,but get this book for a buck...

    Alot of great info about Bodybuilding,diet,periodizatio n,body fat calculator,just a ton of stuff.I have to admit this book is quite informative whether you use No2 or not it can help.I use the guidelines in there but im using turbo v-12 instead

    Only a Buck...
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  2. i got that book in the mail maybe 2 years ago. i read through half of it and bought some no2.....it didn't do anything for me. but the book is informative.

  3. You get a bf caliper also? If nothing else it's worth a buck for that...

  4. I bought it yesteday since you suggested it. Only a buck.

  5. Got it for free, never read it..

  6. Quote Originally Posted by PirateFromHell
    I bought it yesteday since you suggested it. Only a buck.
    I hope he doesn't suggest to jump of a bridge!

  7. Not for a buck!

  8. looks like a big advertisement. A bill phillips clone ad.

  9. The book definately has alot of good info in there...the section on training is very different from what i've read anywhere else and sounds like it could be quite effective...


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